best new car lease deals

Leasing a car is a much easier option than buying one. From the monthly payments to the lowered purchase price at the end of the term; leased cars can be very beneficial. However, no matter how many best new car lease deals you get, you must check the safety of the car. Since these cars have been driven by many before you, and are definitely not in the best of shapes, you must be certain that they have key security features and all in perfect order. Here are a few things you better keep in check: Seat Belt Pretensioner : These are responsible for stopping the seat belt from sagging, so that in the case of an accident, you don’t lunge forward. Head Restraints: Situated above the car seat, head restraints will cater you head movements in the case of an accident and prevent fatal injuries. They are a legal necessity in the front, but should also be present at the back. Antilock Brake System (ABS) :ABS brakes have revolutionized cars, because they allow for more power over the car